Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Review: $ Black Fox Cabernet Sauvignon, California, 2005 (**), 2012 (***=BEST VALUE)

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Today, we're sampling an updated, 2012 vintage of Black Fox Cabernet Sauvignon, California, finished at a mere 12.9% alcohol. Sampled in October, 2014.

Light brick red in color. Poured at room temperature, shows soft, subtle, lightly sweet, smoky, cinnamon fruit.  Seems like it will be easy going.

On the palate, dramatically different from the 2005 vintage.  Shows soft, lightly cinnamon spiced fruit.  Light acids crawl with the fruit and curl in your cheeks.

Three stars.  Best value at bargain price point.

Original review of 2005 vintage, May, 2008:

The Black Fox Cabernet Sauvignon, 2005, was part of the "Wine Insiders" wine deal.

In the glass, this is medium red with ruby highlights. Aroma is bright and fresh with plums and raspberry.

On the palate, full middle fruit sensation that confirms the plum and raspberry aromas. Tinge of acid, very little hint of tannins. Finish is fast. Overall impression of being pleasant, but not distinctive. Two stars out of five, but I'll add a plus because I believe this will settle into greater pleasantness in a year or two.

Update review, a year and a half later, December, 2009:

Color has held fast during the past couple of years.  Aroma has muddled down a bit... think stewed mashed blackberries.  Blackberry fruit hits the mid-palate.  Still a bit perky with acids, and no tannins showing.  Rides to the back of your mouth, then flashes away.  Pulling the plus out of the rating, as it seems to have had a bit more presence in its youth; the plus for future potential proved to be unwarranted.

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