Sunday, April 15, 2012

Updated Review and Rating: **+ $$ Chateau Grand Village Bordeaux Superieur 2001, France

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 Original Review, July, 2008: The Chateau Grand Village Bordeaux Superieur, 2001, is is part of the reasonably well-regarded 2001 vintage in Bordeaux.

In the glass, it shows an even, deep mahogany, with slight bricking at the rim.

The aromas are quite bold, pushing from the glass. On closer exam, there is an alcoholic push behind fairly ripe, deep fruit, with little hints of broccoli and sweet oak dust.

On the palate, a dry, flat middle comes first to notice, seemingly not bringing much fruit or tannin. Closer attention picks up elements of dry bramble. Tannins do in fact back up the noticeable acids, needing just some interesting fruit to conclude the balance. Can't say that age will cut the leanness much. So two stars out of five.

You can see that the newer 2005 vintage got decent, though not blockbuster, reviews over on CellarTracker.

Updated Review, a year and a half later, January, 2010, now nine years from vintage date:  color and nose are almost unchanged, less oak dust now.  But the broccoli is still present.  Definitely old world.

Now the palate is a bit more intriguing.  Thin overall, but some fruit poking through the cold, bare bramble bushes.  Tannins now clench your cheeks for the finish.  I need to add a plus because this thing hasn't hit old age yet - fairly remarkable for a value-priced Bordeaux.

Following four-day decant under vacuum in partially-opened bottle:  unchanged in aroma and palate, except perhaps a bit less bite on the tannins.  This is one grizzled wine - holds its ground no matter what!

Updated review, another two years later,  now 11 years from vintage date, April, 2012:  Medium deep brick red.  More broccoli, less fruit on the nose.  Now a balanced, light to medium-weight red on the palate.  Think a blend of red currants and medium-ripe blackberries.  Ready to drink up with pizza or burger.  Following long decant, full day kept cool in partially filled bottle: more fruit, less broccoli on the nose - that's a good thing.  Medium weight, sweet and friendly on the palate.  Short, clean finish.

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