Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Review and Rating: **** $ Turner & Cole Riesling Eden Valley, 2005, Australia

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Original Review, May, 2008: The Turner & Cole Riesling Eden Valley, 2005, is a dry Australian riesling. In the glass, it is very light golden in color. Aromas are glinty, steely and bold. All minerals, no fruit in the nose. Very intriguing.

On the palate, you actually first get a chalky fruit up front, backed by the lingering minerality. A nice pucker in the upper palate. You don't even notice the acids, just recognize they are there. This is a very compelling riesling at a "practically free" price. Crazy, outstanding value, and four stars out of five. I would stay with it as my white wine for an evening, and I would also let it sit for a few years and see what it delivers then.  

According to the retailer, "Dry riesling is an extremely popular category in Australia (though sadly not here), and at its finest, is probably Australia's greatest dry white wine. This is such a dry Australian riesling. Indeed, the viticulturist and winemaker who selected this for us (from Australia's greatest mid-sized winery) said it was the finest Australian riesling she had ever tasted. And I can believe it. The winery says 2005 "is sure to be ranked as one of the best riesling vintages on record" - and they've been making it (to great acclaim) since the 1950s! They describe it as "rich, minerally, crisp and zesty with a good structure, depth and length" and "sweet and floral aromas of nectarine, white currant, citrus blossom and lime zest, complexed with hints of gooseberry and white peach." There's both richness and texture here, as well as incredible precision and cut - as you might expect from a wine with a pH of 2.89! Like all of the best Australian dry Rieslings, it's one of the world's most versatile wines with food - yet is also quite satisfying (and endlessly faceted) on its own."

Updated Review, almost two years later, February, 2010, now five years from vintage date:  Now the wonderful slate and mineral on the nose is becoming paired with just some hints of caramel. And on the palate, a dry lemony pineapple fruit comes through, mixed with light acids that move to the roof of your mouth and your cheeks, and a lingering sweetness.  Great mix.  Not sure I'm quite as impressed as I was a couple of years ago, as some of the mnerality seems to have faded from the palate.  But still absolutely solid.

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