Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rating: ** 2000 Martha Clara Cabernet Sauvignon - North Fork, Long Island, New York

Original Review, November, 2006: Light brick with a ruby hue on this six year old north fork cabernet. Nose of lightly bleached laundry mashing with pomegranites and sour cherry. Reminds me of a lighthouse - windswept. The palate comes in fairly full, with bright acidity, sour cherry as the prominent note. A brisk, not terribly long-lived finish, offering a charcoal edge. Very little of your typical cabernet varietal flavors. This was one of the better of the bunch from my tour around Long Island a few years back. But in contrast with some recent tastings (the Mollydookers of Australia stand out), this was the best of a fairly impoverished lot.
Updated Review, November, 2008: Two years later, the Martha Clara Cabernet Sauvignon looks the same. The aroma is no longer "windswept", but it is intriguing. Deeper sour cherry, ashes. Palate is precisely the same - still sour cherry, still bright acidity. Don't think this one is calming down with age. Retain two stars out of five.

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