Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Updated Review: **+ $$ 2004 Herve Seguin Pouilly-Fume - France

Review November 2006: Tiptoeing through the kitty litter - in the nicest sense of the notion, of course. But reminiscent to me of the shrill, dry white wines aromas of my youth. You sense a bit of disappointment, I presume? Certainly I separate from Parker's relatively high regard for this winery. And Wine Junction called it "seductively aromatic." I'd go with the Fritz.

The shrill aroma does carry some of the high grass influences I favor. But I need to hunt the grasses down through the funky highlights. On the palate, the acids and the aftertaste hit first (strange as that may seem), even before the grass emerges. Bit of roundness to the midpalate, but no cream or sweetness. The lingering flavors are in the acids, along the side of the mouth. Definitely old school. My extra bottles will definitely be laid down to age - till I can give them away. Two stars out of five.
Update July, 2008: Well, I didn't give the extra bottles away. Here for a return visit on a warm summer day. Lightly chilled. Aroma a little dusty with pee-edged brown grasses. Not so bad. On the palate, expanding grasses and white currant, light acids. A bit of distinction. I'm not chasing back to it, but moving to two stars with a plus for promise.

Updated review, almost six years later, now 10 years from vintage date, May, 2014:  Light yellow in the glass.  Sweet green and brown hay on the nose.  Quite solid.  On the palate, sandy and bright with very taut peach flavors.  Dry and solid.  

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