Friday, October 21, 2011

Review: **+ $ Chianti Villagiachi Vendemmia, Italy, 2005

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Original Review, January, 2007: Part of the threesome of reds in the 4 Seasons Wine collection.  This is a blend of 80% sangiovese and 20% canaiolo nero.This is Chianti Villagiachi Vendemmia, Italy, 2005.

A classic mid-red color. Light nose of pepper and raspberry. On the palate, somewhat hot, bright fruit, following mostly on the promise of pepper. Finishes fast. Already hard to remember. Two stars out of five.

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Updated Review, a year and a half later, October, 2008: Virtually no change with another year and a half in bottle. Old world, but not strong character.

Updated Review, another two years later, now five years from vintage date, October, 2010:   Deep magenta red still.  Smooth, fleshy red fruit on the nose.  The fruit is no longer hot - in fact, it is somewhat plump now, bringing soft strawberry and raspberry.  Clean finish as it fades fairly rapidly.  Not distinctive, yet still with a suggestion of character. This is at exactly the right time for drinking. Gets a plus on its two stars for this cheery and cool character, making Villagiachi a decent value at a bargain price.

Following long decant, one day kept cool in partially-filled bottle:  Nose is shy and red.  Palate is light red and slightly minty.  Lost some of its character with the longer decant.  Suggest drinking fresh.

Updated review, another full year later, October, 2011, now six years from vintage date:  Wow.  Entirely consistent with review from a year ago.  Holding its age well. Simple, friendly and enjoyable.  Following long decant, three full days kept cool in partially filled bottle: Held up remarkably well, with round clean fruit on the palate.

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