Monday, August 24, 2009

**+ $ Cinquante-Cinq Viognier, 2005, Languedoc, Vin de Pays d'Oc - France - Wine Review and Rating

Original Review, January, 2007:

Cinquante-Cinq Viognier hails from the Languedoc- Roussillon area of southern France, and is referred to as a Vin de Pays d'Oc. The Languedoc is recognized as the largest wine-producing area of the world, and in some years of this decade has produced more wine than the entirety of the United States.

Cinquante-Cinq is a young-bottled viognier, showing a transparent, crystal-clear look with just a glint of green and yellow. Nice strong aroma of sweet grasses. On the palate, it delivers exactly what the nose and color promises, sweet young grass. The somewhat bright acids may be cut with a few more months in the bottle. The finish doesn't impress by its length. Pleasant, unoffensive overall, but not terribly memorable. I'll confess: in my advanced, cranky years, I keep looking for distinction, not just absence of offense. Two stars with a plus for its immediate accessibility.

Updated Review, August, 2009, two and a half years later:

Now this is a well-aged viognier. Let's see whether it has grown distinctive with age. In the glass, the Cinquante-Cinq Viognier now shows as a rich, deep honey yellow. Served warm - admittedly warmer than the cool serving temperatures one would prefer - this sports a fairly funky nose. Very ripe honeydew melon pairs with an oil slick and slightly-used butterscotch hard candy. On the palate, much of the intrigue vanishes. What is left is a fairly benign lightly sweet, lightly acid confection with that hint of butterscotch candy. No need for further age on this white wine - it's time is frankly just-about past. And no need to update the original two plus star rating.

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