Thursday, March 22, 2007

***+ $$ 2004 Chateau L'Escart "Eden", Bordeaux Superieur, France - Wine Review and Rating

Review: This is a reasonably well-regarded Bordeaux Superieur from Saint-Loubes with a mix of 50% merlot, 40% cabernet sauvignon and 10% malbec. Color is a deep purple/red/magenta with slightly thinning edges. Aroma is one of very clean - almost sterilized - fruit and light oak. On the palate, you first notice vice-like, squeezing tannins, allowing just a speck of fruit to filter between them. The finish is long, because the tannins wont let go of the roof and sides of your mouth. But right out of the bottle, they're not letting a whole lot of flavor through. It's definitely interesting, but we're gonna have to let this one sit for a couple of hours of decanting to see if anything more emerges. Let's see...

After two hours decanting, the tannins have become big, purple, inky things, throwing off gobs of violet flavor that won't leave my mouth. Go on, get out, get out already... I want to take the next sip! Not enormous complexity or volume, but nice taste. With air time, this wine has become a contender.

For comparison, here's Steven Spurrier's notes from Decanter Magazine: "Deep carmine ruby, still fresh and young for 2003, quite rich on the glass, ripe fruit and good structure, really good extraction of fruit and has the richness of the very hot 2003 vintage, but none of the raisininess. Tannins still present to add balance and length. An impressive wine..."


Retasted April, 2008: Very similar notes. Not quite as tough a mat of tannins. But that makes it a tad less interesting. Might have gone to three stars out of five.

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