Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rating: ***- 2004 Hardys Chardonnay, South Eastern Australia

Review: This is part of my "practically free wine" series. I'll be pairing this with "Two-Buck Chuck" later this week. This Hardys Australian chardonnay is available in 1500 ml or 3 liter boxes at prices that are practically free. Color is a yellow golden straw - slightly honeyish with a green blush. Aromas are crisp grass, with a brisk laundry- or bleach-like cleanliness. To the taste, the wine is round, oaky, slightly sweet with a moderate lingering, clean finish. A very pleasant comfort-food chardonnay, but without terribly distinctive character. So pleasant that I'd drink it again - so it warrants three stars; but somehow I don't have the feeling that it's tried quite hard enough.


  1. I just tried this wine! I LOVE it!! This wine is so smooth and tasty! 5 ***** stars from me!

  2. Yes, a great deal at the price. Made my best values list for 2007: