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**** $ 2004 Finnegan's Lake "Fin" Cabernet Sauvignon, CA - Wine Review and Rating

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Original Review April 2007:
This California-sourced cabernet is produced by Sherbrooke Cellars. Sherbrooke Cellars itself is an importer and distributor based in Scarsdale, New York.

Sherbrooke Cellars represents over 20 estates. These span locations from Italy, France, Argentina, New Zealand tothe United States.

Now, let's move on to the wine itself... To the eye, Finnegan's Lake Cabernet Sauvignon, 2004, is a classic, mahogany red. When swirled for air, deep, velvety shoe-polish aromas come bursting out of the glass, a bit reminiscent of the nose from Mollydooker's The Boxer - which was 100% shiraz. On deeper examination, that aromatic similarity to Mollydooker survives. This is an alluring, slightly creamy, very velvety, oak-tinged, grapesickle-saturated nose, promising gobs of dripping fruit.

Let's see... The palate is big fruit, ringed by slightly toasty, slightly furry oak, with cherry cola overtones. The finish settles off into a moderately lengthy, slightly sweet, simple finish. Completely luscious. And incredible value.

By contrast, here are notes from retailer Zachy's: "This Cabernet is one CHARMING puppy. Bright fruit and eucalyptus bouquet hits the nose, a mouthful of juicy boysenberry fruit, a friendly approach with exellent depth and finesse andv elvety-smooth tannins, and a finish that's miles long! Undeniably one of the best values on the shelf!"

Updated Review, six months later, September, 2007:
Holding very well. Consistent notes. Same score. This time I noted a bit of pleasant pipe tobacco on the back end, and a furry tannin finish. Very nice. I'll order 2005's based on my happy experience with the 2004's, and I'll lay a few down for aging too.

Updated Review, two and a half years later, October, 2009:
Medium red now, just slightest hints of brick at the edge. Aromatically, YES, the potent shoe-polish is still there; maybe it's buffed out a bit, but it still suggests a potent sip. Let's see...

Smooth, clean, just lightly sweet and round red fruit in the middle is the first note on the palate. The round middle moves to show a hint of oak, and clean sweet settling around your cheeks. For finish, light but apparent tannins, and light but apparent acids. I'd probably be at three stars now, with a definite plus for pleasure and balance. Based on the sequence of tastings, I'd say longer aging would not be of particular benefit. Think of Fin's for a two-to-four-year holding period from vintage date.

Updated Review, four years later, October, 2013:  Color and aroma EXACTLY the same!  The middle is still sweet with oak, but sagging out just the teeniest bit.  Still fun and sweet.

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