Friday, May 18, 2007

Rating: **+ 2003 Dickson's Mill Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa CA

Review: An anomaly for sure: a Napa cabernet for under 10 bucks. Sounds like another one of those scary propositions. Well, let's see...

By sight, this does looks like a bonafide cabernet - deep red color, almost opaque. Currant, chocolate and berry aromas rise from the glass. Closer in, you notice somewhat of a more burnt plum aroma - what I think of as the "black purple" touch. When it gets to the palate, though, it's purely an upfront experience - mostly acid and fruit. In fact, the acids steal the show. No middle to really settle in to... and the finish is fast.

The aromas promised a bigger bolder experience that what I found in the rather harsh palate. So I'll finish the glass and move along. That's two stars with a plus for drawing me in through the aroma.

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  1. Regarding Hughes Zin:
    Never heard of this winery before. Guess it makes sense since it is rather new. Sounds like a nice balanced zin however and I will have to keep my eyes open for it. Another zin you might enjoy that I had not to long ago is the Phipps Family Cellars Sonoma County Zin. They just had their first release last year. Also a balanced zin that is not to overly dense in fruit. Dark fruit and berries for sure, but balanced out with some earthiness, good acidity and tannins. Check it out here: