Saturday, June 9, 2007

**** Four-Star picks from Taste of Madison Benefit

Whoa. I just unearthed long buried notes from the Taste of Madison Benefit wine tasting back from early in the year. From 60 wines offered (no, I DIDN'T try them all), I noted four that were distinct keepers. I made no tasting notes, but just for the record, I'll list them here as four-star picks. Next to each is the price code as described on this site.

$$$$$ 2002 Pride Mountain Reserve Claret, Napa, CA - I remember this being "best of show" for me. Perhaps it was worthy of five stars?

$$$ 2003 Crauford Tattoo Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, CA

$$ 2004 Montes Alpha Syrah, Colchagua Valley, Chile

$$ 2005 Hundred Acre Pure Love Desert Eagle Shiraz, Australia

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