Friday, June 1, 2007

Rating: **+ 2004 Kenwood Merlot, Sonoma CA

Review: This merlot was a Sonoma ringer, served at a reception in the midst of Santa Barbara Country during our recent cruise through the area.

Oddly, enough, the wine somewhat supported Miles' disparaging comments about merlot during the "Sideways" film.

Visually, the wine showed proudly, a deek, dark red. But on the nose, there was an unusual faint aromatic mix of cellar plus fruit plus vinegar plus earth.

On the palate, the attack was quite rough and acidic, almost like a low-end pinot noir ironically enough. On the mid-palate, this rounded out to a slightly blackened cherry. Then the finish came fast.

All in all, it didn't beckon me for a return engagement, though it was a multifaceted experience.

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