Saturday, October 11, 2008

*** $ Winzerverein Deidesheim Dornfelder, 2005, Pfalz, Germany - Review and Rating

Original Review June, 2007: For a very inexpensive wine, this is a BEAUTIFUL bottle. I mean the bottle itself is beautiful - black, white, gold, classy, dramatic, formal, elegant - beautiful! How's the wine? Who knows, we'll try that now.

Dornfelder is a grape that has been in production for over 50 years in Germany, though in minimal commercial use.

In the glass, the Winzerverein Deidesheim Dornfelder is slightly purply blood red. On the nose, it reminds me EXACTLY of the aromas of various "kit" wines I had brewed in the past. Kit wines were wines that were made from a sterilized, treated juice from varietal grapes. (You can read about my brewing exploits - real grapes as well as grape juice - over on So the aroma had this kit wine style... a searingly bright, middle pitched strong fruit aroma, with a definite black cherry component.

The palate is milder than my kit wines, coming in somewhere closer to a beaujolais nouveau. Fruity, slightly tight and metallic, a hint of sweetness... an overall friendly, quaffing style. Pleasant, so it gets a plus. I'm happy to have tried it but don't need to return to it in the future, so two base stars.

The funny thing is, the label makes you think all about deep, dark, serious and brooding. The wine is the opposite of that in just about every respect.


Updated Review, October, 2008: I'm trying another one of these, aged another year and a half. Still brooding in color. Aromas have moved to a mineral black cherry. First note is a sweet, fat middle. The berries come in after a moment - still fat and black, but with just a tiny touch of acid. I'm kinda liking the mineral in this - and even though tannins are shy, somehow I think it could do another year or two in bottle. My goodness, I realize I would drink it again, so that's three stars out of five.

Gary Vaynerchuk of WineLibrary gave it 88 points.

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