Saturday, June 2, 2007

Visiting Stolpman Vineyards & Winery Tasting Room, Solvang, Santa Ynez Valley, CA

This visit was part of our brief expedition cruising Santa Ynez Valley.

Stolpman's wine tasting room is in a small storefront in quaint downtown Solvang, CA, removed by some miles from the vineyards and winery. I was enthusiastic about stopping by the tasting room because of my rave review for the 2004 Stolpman Vineyards Estate Syrah. I was pleased to find a knowledgeable tasting room manager at the site, and no one else standing between me and the wines!

For a modest fee, a complete selection of Stolpman varietals was provided, and the excellent Riedel crystal logo glass was ours to keep.

Listing from most to least favored, here are the wines I sampled at Stolpman:
2004 Stolpman Vineyards Estate Syrah - revisited, still rated **** (4 stars) - I found it big, bright and smoky this time.
2003 Stolpman Vineyards Poetry in Red, Santa Ynez Valley, CA
2003 Stolpman Vineyards Nebbiolo, Santa Ynez Valley, CA
2004 Stolpman Vineyards Sangiovese, Santa Ynez Valley, CA
2004 Stolpman Vineyards L'Avion, Santa Ynez Valley, CA
2005 Stolpman Vineyards Rosato, Santa Ynez Valley, CA

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