Saturday, June 2, 2007

Wine Rating explanations for Spirit of Wine reviews

Wine ratings are 1 to 5 stars.

Think of them this way:

* (ONE STAR): What are you feeding me - I can't finish the glass!.

** (TWO STARS): Interesting experience, but I'm pretty much ok if this is the last glass of this I ever get to drink.

(THREE STARS): I totally enjoyed this, but I'm open to trying another wine tonight too.

(FOUR STARS): Would pretty much refuse to drink anything else if there is any more of this around.

***** (FIVE STARS): Get between me and the wine bottle at your own risk - I'm likely to want more of this than decorum warrants. A plus or minus may be awarded at my discretion.

Prices are 1 to 5 dollar signs.

Think of them this way:

$: Practically Free.

$$: Value Priced.

: Moderately Priced.

$$$$: A Splurge.

$$$$$: Connoisseurs Unite!

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