Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rating: ** 2001 Giardino li Borghese, Castello di Borghese, Long Island, NY

In the glass, this aged Long Island red blend is an almost transparent red brick color. Very light color though saturated. Aromas of strident broccoli and green peppers sprout from the glass. On the palate, this vegetable salad takes on a slightly more oaky tone, adding acids but not much fruit to the punch. The acids do carry the finish along for a bit. Perhaps I've let this one creep past it's prime age.


  1. Judging from your tasting notes, I'd agree that this wine was a little past its time. Will you try another bottle? I love hearding about New York wines.
    Albany, NY

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  2. Sure will!
    I'm also looking forward to trying a couple rieslings and gewurz's from up in your more northerly section of NY.