Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rating: **+ 2003 Epicure (Hubert de Bouard), Bordeaux, France

Review: This was a "practically free" wine I just had to try, coming as it did from the co-owner of Chateau Angelus.

In the glass, the color is mid red from a distance, but practically opaque as you get close. As I look even closer still, I see that a fruit fly has already dive-bombed and committed suicide in the drink - I don't know whether that rates as a thumbs up or thumbs-down from the critter?!

Well, let me make up my own mind... On the nose, it's quite a bold, creamy and fruity blend - a touch of old world and a touch of new. Elements of purple plum. The aroma is willing to stand out and be counted... I like that!

The palate shows a bit less distinction - first impressions are in the mid-palate: dry, oaked and even a bit "cooked", not as much bold fruit as the aromas suggest. Finish has a bit of dusty tannin. Doesn't make me long for a return engagement (so that's two stars), but the aroma was soo nice (that's a plus). So 2+ stars out of five.

If I were Hubert de Bouard, I wouldn't be in a hurry to sell my shares in Chateau Angelus!

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