Friday, July 20, 2007

Rating: *** 2004 Allee Bleue Pinotage, South Africa

Review: Pinotage is a unique South African red grape. Often blended, this bottle is a purebred.

In the glass, this is a deep burgundy/brick mix. Aromas jump out of the glass: sweet, fat aromas of blood and cherry and smoke. The palate delivers a fairly different sensation - somewhat restrained, though odd, slightly bitter fruity ripples of dense, burnt purple grape. Very interesting, though as burnt a tannin as I've ever encountered. Leaves an actual bitter after-taste, almost like you rinsed your mouth with lemon-juice, though it contains no citrus element, just the residual tang.

Surprising even myself, I'll give this three stars, because I'd be real curious about what it was like with another 5 years of age - and that even though the bitterness lingers as I write this paragraph.

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