Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rating: ***+ 2004 Fritz Windisch Alsheimer Fruhmesse Riesling Spatlese

Review: German Spatlese are mid-level sweet rieslings. This Fritz Windisch is a value-priced variety with a solid reputation.

Color is a pleasing light golden - think straw or hay in tone, no green highlights. Nice, fresh, slightly tart aroma of apples, light motor oil and a spritz of lime. Ohhh, on the palate there's no tartness at all - it's all sweetness and peaches... yes, a certain lightness, honey-toned creaminess and gentle prickling from the modest acids. Such a nice summer wine. Neither a huge length in the finish nor enormous distinction or complexity. So that leaves me just shy of four stars this time.

Here's my brief earlier review from October 2006.

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