Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rating: ** Wyldewood Cellars White Sambucus Wine (Non-Vintage), Elderberry and Elderflower, Kansas

This is an inexpensive (under $10) semi-sweet light rose-colored wine made of elderberries and elderflowers from Kansas plants by Wyldewood Cellars. We tried it with salmon loaf and sweet potatoes.

In the glass, this is an amazing light color of dazzling ruby with orange tinted highlights. Truly beautiful. The aroma is lacking, however, showing a vegetative alcohol mostly. On the palate, there is mostly a sense of sweetness, backed up by stewed cabbage. Yup, that's it - sweet, stewed cabbage. Fast, clean finish, with just a bit of tannic bite from the elderberries. Odd, interesting, but not beckoning a return engagement. That's two stars out of five.

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