Friday, July 27, 2007

Rating: *** 2004 Epicuro Aglianico, Beneventano, Italy

Here's a "practically free" selection I found on a visit to a Trader Joe's last year in California. Aglianico is a little-known varietal mostly used in southern Italy.

In the glass, this pours as almost bizarre - there's a blast of effervescence! (Check out the photo):

Color is a medium ruby/purplish red, though almost opaque also. As you swirl the wine, the effervescent bubbles coat the side of the glass, then eventually disappear. On the palate, there is a most interesting muddled blackberry and cherry jam aroma. The jam is very apparent on the palate, harboring an iron/metallic bite, but mellowing out also, bringing raspberries and cherries through to the palate. Brief finish, but longer than a flash.

All in all, a serious sip, memorable, intriguing and pleasant. More aroma than flavor, though. I would give the nod to trying another bottle after this one. That's three stars. For such an outrageously low price, this is a screaming buy!


  1. I've become an aglianico fan, and alas (Hellas?) the Epicuro Aglianico left me cold. Sure, great price. I bought four bottles. It didn't satisfy my hunger for the grape, though.

    I'm saving the 20€ bottle I bought in Italy for a special occasion.

  2. The grape does have me intrigued. If you search this SpiritOfWine site for "aglianico", you'll see the ones I've tried tend to hit three stars; so I haven't found the home run yet. Let me know if you discover it.