Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rating: *+ (NV) Gekkeikan Nigori Sake, Japan


Nigori sake is a lightly filtered sake with a slightly sweet, milky texture. It is relatively inexpensive and not terribly well-known in the states. It is a delicious treat, generally. Tonight, we will enjoy it with salmon. Gekkeikan is one of the largest sake makers in Japan. Nigori, like most sake, should be served chilled, or at least cool. And shaken before pouring.

The nose is subdued, mild sake aromas. On the palate, the sake breaks into an alcohol component and a milk component and a sugar component. Not terribly integrated. Too bad. A nice Nigori is a seamless experience of milk, sake and light sweetness. We'll need to look for another opportunity to introduce you to this essence. Not quite two stars out of five.


Revisions to notes: Not caring much for the shaken Nigori sake, I tried something rather than discarding the balance. After letting the lees settle, I poured out just the clear sake from the top of the jar, leaving the lees behind. Here are notes on the clear sake: clear with slight sediment in the glass. Same aroma as when shaken with lees. On the palate, the sweetness is subtle, subdued, nicely integrated into the alcohol. A slight creaminess from the lees. But a bit weak and pale overall. I would have been tempted to award two-plus stars in this form. Alas, this is not how Nigori is designed to be enjoyed.

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