Saturday, September 8, 2007

Double Doppel Tasting

We had a chance tonight to try a couple of well-regarded German doppelbock beers with a dinner of gnocchi and light tomato sauce. These two fared quite well in a recent New York Times story about Bock beer. Doppelbocks, as you may know, are a quite robust form of dark bock beer, typically with a strong malt profile, relatively high alcohol level, and sometimes a bit of residual sweetness. Both of these showed very little overt sweetness in the profile.

Here are tasting notes for the two:

Ettaler Curator Dunkler - Deep medium brown in the glass – the color of maple syrup. On the nose, a lightly-hopped, medium malt. To the palate, it is punchy, round in the middle, pleasant, easy malt in the middle, with quite a touch of hot alcohol (it was at 9%). Brighter edges than I might have expected in a dubbelbock. A bit of nutmeg and chocolate in the finish. Very refreshing and balanced. Three stars out of five.

Weihenstephaner Korbinian - Medium dark brown with lighter rim. Nose is of light, bright, clean hops. In the mouth, the creamy deep malt is the first element that comes to the foreground, standing out front against the more background hops that tighten the upper parts of your palate. Not quite as balanced, to me, as the Ettaler (even though the alcohol was only at 7.4%). And not quite as compelling either. Two stars plus out of five.

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