Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wine Week Tasting!

Thanks to Todd at HDL Enhancement for pulling together a NY Wine Week tasting - a fine time was had by all!

Here Todd, Peeter and I, the three HDL Enhancement founders, gather for a photo at the impromptu reunion:

In order of final ratings (mine, I can't speak for the other tasters - but I invite them to comment!), here are the wines we tasted and links to reviews:

***+ 2001 Markham Reserve Merlot, Napa, CA

***+ 2002 Alderbrook Chardonnay, Sonoma CA

***+ 2006 Artazuri Garnacha, Navarra, Spain

*** 2005 Rolling Shiraz, New South Wales, Australia

*** 2005 Sebastiani Zinfandel, Sonoma, CA

*** 2005 Bogle Cabernet Sauvignon, CA

**+ 2006 Stag's Leap Sauvignon Blanc, Napa, CA

**+ 2006 Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc - Viognier, Napa, CA

** 2005 De Loach Cabernet Sauvignon, CA

*+ 2005 Caleo, Nero d'Avola, Sicily, Italy

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