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*** $$ Coviv Aglianico Del Vulture, 2004, Italy - Wine Rating and Review

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Original Review, October 2007:

This is the aglianico grape from Italy, hailing from the Basilicata region and believed to have its origins in Greece. It is reputed to make a tannic, slightly acidic red wine.

In the glass, this aglianico shows as deep red, moving towards black in the middle. You need to dig into the glass for an aroma, but it is undeniably there: sweaty prunes being spun through the washing machine with just a touch of detergent. On the palate, there is a first sensation of dusty fat black fruit, still-robust tannins, and an acid that puckers the upper reaches of your cheeks. The finish moves to a steel sheen polished by acid. Really, really feels like it wants a year or two to settle down. But a potent, concentrated experience. Three stars out of five.

I'm gonna let it breathe an hour or two and confirm results.
Yup. Stood up nicely to three hours of air. The finish grew smooth and settled, with added roundness to the fruit.

Gary Vaynerchuck of Wine Library gave this 91+ points, saying, "an exceptional bottle, elegance, balance & overall silky mouthfeel; earthtones & strawberries on finish. A beautiful classic Italian wine; elegant, smooth, a home run, In a blind test I would think it was a $40-$50." Nope, I can't quite see it.


Updated Review, April, 2009: A year and a half later... the color is now medium dusty red. Aroma is a mild candy-apple - the candy coating part. You get medium cherry fruit on the palate, a tang of acidity, and a finish that comes on with a raspberry tartness. I would not say the years have charmed it up. Mellowed it out, yes, but I enjoyed a more distinctive experience with the younger version of this wine. It is just barely holding at three stars.

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