Monday, October 1, 2007

Rating: **** 2005 Clayhouse Vineyard Adobe Red, Paso Robles CA

This wine is an interesting melange of several varietals from Paso Robles, CA, an area from which I have enjoyed round, robust moderately-priced reds in the past. Grapes in the Adobe Red blend are 41% zinfandel, 26% petite sirah, 18% syrah, 10% malbec and 5% cabernet sauvignon.

The wine is medium dark red and transparent in the glass - looks tame enough. On the nose, though, what an interesting profusion... smoky wet clay, dusty licorice extract, sweet socks and ripe, crushed black cherries eaten in a barnyard. Did I mention, interesting?!

On the palate, though, it gets somewhat simpler... the first thing you notice is a ripe, red round fruit slathering the middle of the palate. Acids, tannins and sugar brings the supple fruit around your mouth and ease it into a ripe, modest close. Definitely endearing. I'd hang with this wine exclusively for an evening. I'd also consider putting it away for a couple years and coming back to see what developed. So four stars out of five.

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  1. Just finished a bottle and it was excellent! Our guests all asked what it was and complimented it! I'm off to find another bottle.