Monday, March 30, 2009

*** $$$ Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc, 2005, Marlborough, New Zealand - Wine Review and Rating

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Original Review, November 2007:

This quintessential sauvignon blanc from New Zealand is actually a couple of years old as a 2005 vintage - the 2007's are already available. It shows as very clear in the glass, with light touches of gold and green, and tiny effervescent bubbles for a few seconds after the pour.

Aromas are glinty - grass and shiny steel. Think lemon, but without the "fruitiness" of lemon. Think wet slate stone.

On the palate, sweetness enfolds your mouth as acids rush up the sides of your cheek. You do then notice a touch of crisp fruit in the middle. Finish is clean, it lingers in a balanced way.

I will give this two plus stars out of five on my scale (I know, I know, I'm a tough grader sometimes). Mostly because I wouldn't seek this out again based on this experience. BUT, I would be open to trying this vintage again in a few years. Mostly because it still feels youthful to me, and I'd like to watch it mature. That's the plus.

Updated Review, March, 2009: This is another couple of years later. This is now a "ripe old" four-year-old sauvignon blanc. Let's see what we've got...

Color has moved just a touch toward yellow. Aromas are a combination of very ripe pineapple plus very ripe grapefruit - quite sweet and melon-y. The palate is quite sweet in the middle, without prior accompanying acids. Solid, full, almost cantalope in style, sprinkled with just a touch of lemon. Still clean finish. Ok, this time I'm interested to see what Cloudy Bay is like when it's YOUNG. So, I'll move the two stars plus up to an even three stars. I'm obviously curious enough to come back for more!

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