Thursday, December 17, 2009

*** $ Oakton Lane Chardonnay, 2006, San Luis Obispo County, CA - Wine Review and Rating

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Original Review, November, 2007:
This Oakton Lane chardonnay hails from San Luis Obispo County, California. I acquired it as part of a 4 Seasons wine deal. It's made by Maddalena Vineyards, part of San Antonio Winery, a Los Angeles based facility.

In the glass, it is quite pale, with greenish yellow tints. Striking aromas do push from the glass.... I'm getting green apple skins and pear along with slightly buttery oak. Maybe even a bit of cinnamon toast along the rim.

On the palate, a mineral butterscotch works the very center of the mouth. Full and sweet in style. Acids and tannins are muffled. That makes this a pleasant wine. Not complex or challenging; not meant for laying down and coming back to in a few years. But just fine for enjoying. Three stars out of five.

Excellent value when purchased for under $10 U.S.

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Updated Review, two years later, December, 2009:

Darker in the glass now, deep gold. Aromas are butterscotch candy soaked in brine. Unsweetened butterscotch is the primary element on the palate, with citrus around the edges. Modest finish. Not appealing.

Don't recommend storage. Much preferred within two years of vintage date.


  1. very nice tasting, clean, crisp, not like alot of chardonnays' to me quite palatable, and yes from 4seasons club

  2. Crisp refreshing a pleasure to the palate, have bought it over and over from 4 seasons and gave as gifts with great comments