Saturday, December 1, 2007

Rating: **+ Josmeyer Mise du Printemps Pinot Blanc, 2004, Alsace, France


An Alsatian pinot blanc is somewhat unfamiliar territory for me. In the glass, this is transparent, with a slight misting of infused cream color. Aromas are shy, perhaps touching on crisp unripe apple.

On the palate, this is one of the more un-wine-like wine experiences I've had: imagine taking clean, crisp stream water, letting it cascade down a long slate incline and bounce off a single slice of green apple. That's what you're drinking... clean mountain stream water with a mineral backbone and slightest, faintest hint of apple.

Very interesting, but not, to my mind, compelling enough for a return engagement. So two stars out of five, with a plus for uniqueness.

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