Saturday, December 1, 2007

Review and Rating: **+ Feudo Maccari Renoto Nero d'Avola/Syrah, 2006, Noto, Italy

Like many Italian wines, I feel like I'm almost done writing the review once I've managed to spell out the full name of the wine. Feudo Maccari Renoto Nero d'Avola/Syrah. Whew.

This blend is mostly nero d'avola, at 85%, with the balance syrah.

Now let's drink it! In the glass, it shows as clean mid red. The nose is big - violets, dark plums. On the palate, this one has stuffing. The first thing you notice are the aggressive, gruff tannins. Once past that, you begin to pick up the dark fruit. It needs a lot of time to knit together. Maybe air time would do it; maybe it would take time in the bottle. After all, this is a 2006.

I'm gonna give it two plus stars out of five. Almost three stars, because I'm curious to see what it would be like with time.

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