Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Review: ** $$$ Van Duzer Estate Pinot Noir, 2005, Willamette Valley, OR

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Original Review, December, 2007:
This Van Duzer Estate Pinot Noir replaces a corked 2003 bottle. The vintage is 2005.


In the glass, this is ruby red with purple highlights. It is transparent, though slightly cloudy within an inch or so of the edge of the glass. The aroma, modest in its intensity, is pungent and somewhat raw-green in tone. It carries broccoli, brussel sprouts and violets.

The palate is first characterized by acids and tannins, a mild pinot fruit cover coming in as the finish builds. The modest finish moves to just a hint of sweetness in the fruit.

Two stars out of five. May need some serious time to knit together. Seems to have the tannins and acids to allow this.

Josh Raynolds gave this 88 points for IWC, saying, "Ruby-red. Ripe, gamey dark berry scents, with hints of aged beef, licorice and lavender. Rich cassis and cherry flavors show very good sweetness and are deepened by candied licorice and sweet mocha. Impressively lush and creamy on the finish, which features a bright raspberry note."

Hmm, I couldn't find the "lush and creamy".

Updated review, almost four years later,  November, 2011:  Deep red with brick at the edges now.  There is a unique funky rubber medicine-thing going on in the nose.  Might burn off with some air time.  Seems sounder than the vegetable salad of four years ago, however.  The funk is slightly fruitier on the palate, but with the broccoli coming back to town, along with a touch of leathery oxidation. Holds to two stars.  I'm honestly wondering if I got two bad bottles of this in a row.  Bears no resemblance whatsoever to Raynolds' notes.  This one was a candidate for the Thanksgiving Day table tomorrow.  We will find another - perhaps even pairing a California pinot noir with a Cru Beaujolais. Following long decant, two full days kept cool in partially filled bottle: Consistent, old-world, funky leathery stuff going on. 

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