Saturday, December 15, 2007

Review: "Wine Insiders" Wine Deal

Find prices and retail availability for bargain cabernet sauvignon, or inexpensive chardonnay.

The "Wine Insiders" group, which operates from Chicago, IL, offers a range of wine packages for prices ranging from about $60 to about $110 for a 12-pack, with shipping included. The prices and selections vary frequently. Look for a deal that includes free shipping. And by hunting around the web, you may find the same selection at different price points. I found my offer variously priced at $59.88 and $107.88 a dozen. Obviously, I chose the lower-priced deal with the same selection of wines.

I purchased a mixed sample of two bottles of each of three reds and three whites. I was charged the advertised amount plus state sales tax, and the bottles arrived promptly and well packaged. Here are the wines I received and links to my individual reviews (as I review them):

2005 ** Mandolin Merlot, California

2005 **+ Black Fox Cabernet Sauvignon, California

2005 **+ Brick Kiln Syrah, California

2005 *** Cannery Row Chardonnay, California

2006 **+ La Petite Tour Sauvignon Blanc, California

2006 *** Haddon Cellars Pinot Grigio, California

All in all, what I found were decent quality wines at an incredibly attractive price point (that is, at $60 cost per case). Nothing stand-out, but two wines (***) that I would seek out again. Of the wines I would not seek out again (**), three had a redeeming quality (+).

ps, here's another wine deal I have rated: the 4 Seasons wine deal


  1. My order has taken over two months to get to me. The service and shipping speed are horrible!

  2. Alex,
    I purchased a case through a Groupon deal with Wine Insiders recently and found the same thing... extraordinary delays before shipping, although the order did eventually arrive. Thanks for highlighting the issue.

  3. I bought the white mystery pack. It did take about a month to get to me. The wines were mediocre at best. The thing that annoyed me the most was the fact that the mystery box only contained three different wines--four bottles of each. I expect more variety in a mystery pack.

  4. My red mystery pack was similar composition - only three wines and four bottles of each. Quality was about as expected. But I agree that the variety was definitely a disappointment.

  5. Their 12 pack "deals" are now $120 - $165. Much higher than the first post in this chain, a few years later but thats a big jump. At least double the price. Maybe they jack up the prices as they just put on a new Groupon deal again (June 1 2011).

  6. If you Google "wine insiders 6-bottle sampler" you'll find an offer now for six bottles at $35.94 incl shipping and a corkscrew.

  7. Wine Insiders has very rude customer service. Purchased the Groupon.
    I ordered the wine Mystery Mixed 12 Pack for a Christmas gift. I placed my order on Nov. 23 2012. As instructed by the website emails were to be sent to us and the gift recipient prior to delivery because someone has to be there upon delivery. I called 12-15-12 to check on delivery. I was told that delivery was attempted 3 times so it was being returned to them. I asked what they were going to do because we never received the emails about delivery to begin with. I asked for a manager and the account manager said they could reship it but no delivery by Christmas. If a company makes a mistake you would think they would fix it by expediting the shipping, but they said no. I will never order again and I was going to have this as an annual gift. The manager and the customer service representative were both very rude and offered no other options to make good on their error.