Saturday, December 27, 2014

Review and Rating: **** $ Bartenura Moscato, 2007, Provincia di Pavia, Italy (BEST VALUE

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Original Review, January, 2008:
The Bartenura Moscato is finished as a light, sweet, slightly effervescent wine, designed to serve chilled as aperitif or with cheeses.

In the glass, it is quite clear, with just a hint of honey color. Tiny bubbles emerge as you swirl the glass to pull up an aroma.

The aroma  is blazingly sweet cut grass. Yellow, green and ripe - compelling!

On the palate, the sweetness of the wine comes to the fore, with the bubbles tickling the center of your palate and the green grass now muted in the mix. Hardly any finish, not great distinction, but very pleasant memories.

Three stars, because I'd drink it again for pleasure, with a plus because it was one of the most evocative grass aromas I've had from a wine. At its "practically free" price, that makes it a screaming value.

And at a mere 5% alcohol level, you can compliment your discretion as well as your taste!

Updated review, three years later, March, 2011:  Color and aroma are unchanged - still amazing sweet grass on the nose.  On the palate, a very subtle petroleum does arrive with hints of the grass, bringing this up another half notch to four stars.  Remarkable longevity at such a low alcohol level.  Awesome, rocking best value!

Updated review, three more years later, now seven full years from vintage date, December, 2014:  Tons of sweet motor oil and grass on the nose - compelling! Still the pleasant, distinctive petroleum and grass elements on the palate.  A lightly sweet pleasure, for sure!

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  1. I give it 4 1/2 stars. I love the aroma and the taste is smooth and easy going on the palate. I really do enjoy this wine!

  2. Thank you with this write-up. Superb!