Sunday, July 26, 2009

** $ Hubert de Bouard Bordeaux, 2004, Bordeaux, France - Review and Rating

Original review, January, 2008:

The Hubert de Bouard Bordeaux is made by the co-owner of Chateau Angelus and owner of La Fleur de Bouard. Two good reasons why I never would have expected to see this wine for "practically free" - under $10 U.S. The 2004 is a blend of 70 percent merlot and 30 percent cabernet sauvignon.

In the glass, it is seriously deep mahogany - opaque at the center. Aromas are quite substantial,coming together at the top of the glass - black cherry plus some dark plum, a touch of iron ore.

On the palate, the iron comes forward immediately, front, top and center. A bit of red currant fruit puts this in relief. Then there is a clean, fast, almost mineral finish. Doesn't lure me back. Decent aroma though. Two stars out of five.

I guess I should have learned from my earlier trial of another Hubert de Bouard wine, the Epicure, which I wasn't a terribly big fan of either.

Updated review, July, 2009: So it is a year and a half later. Now tasting a 4-5 year-old value-priced Bordeaux wine. In the glass, the color is still substantial, deep red, not moving towards brick or orange yet. On the nose, the iron has subsided, and it shows a balanced deep red fruit. On the palate, a dusty front hits first - it still does carry a metallic iron note. Then the clean red currant, ripe raspberry fruit follows in a mineral cloak. Still a solid two stars, with no additional promise with age that I can see.

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