Monday, December 7, 2009

*** $ Villa Masetti Pinot Grigio, 2006, Venezie, Italy - Wine Review and Rating

Original review, January, 2008:
This is part of the 4 Seasons wine selection. Vinted and bottled in Italy.

In the glass, it shows a very light golden, with a subtle hint of green coolness. Aromas are quite sharp and precise - showing the steeliness of a sauvignon blanc, with just a touch more body.

On the palate, a lightly roasted honey is the first note - felt right in the middle of the palate. A little bit of walnut and a hint of caramel. Pleasant and clean on the finish. No noticeable tannins. No noticeable acids. So not a challenging wine - and not extremely memorable. But I would come back to it - so that's three stars. And for the "practically free" price, that makes it an excellent value.

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Updated review two years later, December, 2009:

Color is consistent, perhaps just a touch more golden. Now the aromas have lost any steeliness... they are caramel and butterscotch! It is more consistent with the roasted honey that still comes through on the palate. Yes, walnut and caramel are still there too... BUT... don't wait any longer. This is ready-to-drink now and more time will leave it too flabby. Rule for this label would be to drink within three years of label date.

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