Saturday, January 26, 2008

The new Mollydooker Vineyards

As part of a recent visit to Mollydooker in McLaren Vale, Australia, we had a chance to view the just-acquired vineyards and winery that will make up the new Mollydooker.

The grounds span a gorgeous property tucked along Coppermine Road in McLaren Vale:

Sparky Marquis and his mom Janet Gawith gave my colleague and me a fascinating tour of the grounds and property:

The vines are already being managed in the unique Mollydooker way for the 2007 vintage. Here, Sparky shows how the tendrils are growing just brittle enough for him to know the vines are being sufficiently stressed to product the kind of fruit he's seeking:

And the winery itself is being adapted to the tightly controlled processes that comprise the Mollydooker approach. Tanks and barrels are being readied for the 2007 harvest.

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