Saturday, January 19, 2008

What's missing? Hint: Where's the Mollydooker Velvet Glove?!

On our recent visit to McLaren Vale, South Australia, Sparky Marquis (right), suggested we continue our engaging conversation at an cozy seaside cafe not too far from the new Mollydooker Winery. There we were seated along with Janet Gawith (left, Sparky's mom and Mollydooker's general manager); and my colleage, Dave (center).

What 's missing from the table in this picture was the bottle of Velvet Glove that was being opened in the kitchen for us. Ahhh, fish and chips, Mollydooker Velvet Glove and the South Pacific, complete with talk of life and wine. What a nice way to spend an afternoon.

When we offered our hostess a sip of the Velvet Glove, she first protested that she wasn't much of a red wine drinker. Then, on seeing the Velvet Glove bottle wrapper, she commented on how pretty it was and how she figured that was enough to convince her to try a sip. When Sparky asked her how she liked it, she said, and I quote, "Well, not too bad... for a red wine."

So there we have it: Ratings and Reviews for the Mollydooker 2006 Velvet Glove... Robert Parker: 99 points; Wine Spectator: 97 points; SpiritofWine: 5 stars; Hostess in South Australia seaside cafe: "Not too bad... for a red wine"

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