Wednesday, June 9, 2010

** $$ Christian Moueix Medoc, 2005, Bordeaux, France - Wine Tasting & Review

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Original Review, February, 2008:

The Christian Moueix Medoc, 2005, has been decanted, and shows medium red in the glass, with hints of purple - just what I would expect for this age.

Aromas are quite shy - clean, but almost suggesting "generic" red wine.

On the palate, you do note a round fruitiness in the middle of your mouth, bringing forth bright fruits like black raspberry and even a touch of strawberry bite. Acids are notable above the tannins, bringing a hot tone to the experience overall. Two stars out of five.

Updated review, over two years later, May, 2010, now five years from vintage date:  Deep magenta now, most purple highlights are faded.  Aromas still shy, with hints of tobacco.  Very dry black raspberries touch your mid-palate, with tannins and acids spreading out from there.  Holding at two stars.  Perhaps a massively long decant will coax a bit of fruit out from the core of this tight package.

Following decant, two weeks under vacuum in partially filled bottle:   Still tight and dry, but now spitting some dusty tannin along with the dry black raspberry.  Improved, but not enough to adjust rating.

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