Saturday, February 2, 2008

Review and Rating: **+ $$ Gueuze Girardin "1882" Old Lambic, Belgium

This Gueuze Girardin "1882" is a classic traditional lambic, brewed spontaneously. Sometimes this is referred to as "Belgian Champagne".

In the glass, it is a cloudy amber, with rushing bubbles coming up from all around the glass. Building white head as it sits. On the nose is beer yeast mixed with some high pitched, old-urine-style acids (hey, lambic is a strange beer!).

On the palate, the first note is a screechingly sour grapefruit that pumps with effervescence into every corner of your mouth, between every tooth and up into your sinus cavities. Wow! The second sip shows a bit more roundness, no fruit sweetness, but a citrus-style extract. The finish is modest, crisp and clean. Two stars out of five, with a plus because I'd love to see one after being laid down for a decade.

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