Monday, June 28, 2010

*** $ Yellow Tail Shiraz, SE Australia, 2006 - Wine Tasting & Review

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Original Review, February, 2008:

This is the second in my "take one for the team" series of reviews of Yellow Tail wines, an Australian line that checks in at the "practically free" price point. My earlier review was of the Yellow Tail Merlot, a good - though not great - value.

This time we'll check out the Yellow Tail Shiraz, vintage 2006. In the glass, it does show a deep purple magenta, not quite opaque. In the glass, a black raspberry and prune candy aroma pumps out, quite sweet in its tone and reminding me somewhat of the Juan Gil Jumilla from Spain.

On the palate, there is a furry, lightly oaked dark fruit as the first note, hitting squarely in the mid-mouth. A sweetness and modest tannic cloak circulates the flavors into the rest of your jaw. Just a slight touch of acids joins the tannins and fruit for a balanced finish. Three full stars out of five. Extraordinary for the price. Since the three stars *** are two notches higher than the price category $, this qualifies as a great value. No surprise that this is such a big seller.

Wine Spectator was also fairly impressed with the 2005 vintage of the Yellow Tail Shiraz, awarding 90 points and writing, "Bright, lively, harmonious and generous. A sleek mouthful of blueberry, currant and plum flavors, neatly packaged with hints of cream and spice as the finish sails on. Drink now through 2015."

Updated review, over two years later, June, 2010:  color is EXACTLY the same.  On the nose, the candy is still the standout, now seeming like the candy coating on candy apples - crunchy, sweet, perfumed of cherries and apple.  On the palate, less dark fruit now, more a perfumed and furry tannic red berry smack in the mid-palate.  The sweetness still circles into your jaw with some back-up acids.  Still a solid three stars.  C'MON!  Who ever puts a $7 wine down for two years and finds it an equally solid best value after that kind of storage?!   No reason that I can see to wait any longer to enjoy. 

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  1. Oh yeah? Try getting that artificial cork back in the bottle WITHOUT using a sledgehammer. There are too many equally good ones out there without going thru this unnecessary hassle.

  2. I just love the yellow tail Shiraz. A bootle for the day is necessary for me.
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  3. @texex If you need to put the cork back in the bottle, your tolerance must be low. ;)