Saturday, May 29, 2010

***** $$ SUXX Shiraz, 2006, South Australia - Wine Tasting & Review

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Original Review, March, 2008: Hmmm, interesting label; the SUXX Shiraz hails from R Winery. Well, let's see if it lives up to its name.

In the glass, SUXX Shiraz pours a deep purple red - almost opaque.

The nose is rich and deep of candied cherry.

On the palate, a deep, bold, fully-coated flavor of dark chocolate-covered cherries. Alcohol is noticeable (not surprising at 15.9%) and it carries the slightly furry fruit into the corners of your mouth. Not huge character, but a robust, hedonistic sip. Since I'd stick with it for a day, that's four stars out of five. At its modest price, that puts it in my best value category.

So I have to say, for the record, SUXX doesn't.

But WARNING, I'm obviously a fan of bold Aussie shiraz, and I haven't had one in awhile. I am not comparing this to a reference wine, so absence may not only make the heart grow fonder, but the rating higher.

Not a lot of professional coverage of this wine, but Mike Supple of JJ Buckley wrote,
"Dark ruby core with purple accents on the rim. Very fruity aromas up front with fresh herbal notes over darker earth, charcoal and smoky game. Dark black fruits come in the back with black pepper spice. Sweet and lush on the palate; a dense, viscous wine. Fully loaded but well balanced making this wine easy to drink. Bold blueberry and blackberry with a hint of molasses. This is amazingly refined and elegant for how huge it is."

Updated Review, two years later, May, 2010:  Color is consistent, but the aroma has deepened, now bold with black cherry and chocolate.  Now the fruits, acids, tannins and sweet dark fruits have knit gorgeously together, creating a layered, long-lasting experience that makes we want to curl up with the bottle, yielding it to no man or woman.  That makes this just become a five-star offering on the Spirit of Wine scale, and making it a crazy best value.   I can't see where more aging would help this experience.

Following an additional full-day cool decant: The aromas have backed off a bit, but the layered, warm, sweet, rich and aromatic flavors remain.  Just a hint of oxidation.  I feel this was slightly more attractive straight from the bottle - but I do recommend the wait of four years or so from vintage date. 

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