Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Review and Rating: *** $$ Linden Estates Chardonnay, 1999, CA

The Linden Estates Chardonnay seems no longer to be marketed under the same name as this 1999 vintage. This wine was acquired through an entity called the Wine Exchange of Windsor CA. Linden Estates Cellars was listed in Graton in Sonoma County, CA.

So maybe this is the first and last bottle of 1999 Linden Estates California Chardonnay to be reviewed! Let's see what we've got in this nine-year-old chardonnay...

Color is a butterscotch golden yellow. Aromas are husky with mature pear and a little touch of machine oil.

The palate is at first a bit disjointed. Aromatic stewed pear, smooth in the middle, but no serious body supporting it. Hint of lemon as an acid touch.

Doesn't want anymore time. But pleasant enough experience. Three stars out of five.

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