Monday, April 14, 2008

Review and Rating: *** $ Taylor California Cellars Chablis, CA

Review: This white wine is one of the most widely-sold wines in restaurants in the United States. It is also probably among the wines least often ordered by name, appearing more often as "House White". This formal review is part of my "Take one for the team" series.

In the glass, the Taylor California Cellars Chablis is a pretty clear color with hints of vanilla. On the nose, it is sweet and bright, clean and dancing in its aromatics.

To the palate, it is firm and solid in the middle, almost light jello-like in its fluid consistency. Flavors are muddled apples and pears, not aromatic, and with no hint of the acids of the original fruits. The finish is quick and indistinct, but sweet and pleasant. Remarkably, I'm finding myself offering three stars out of five. Among "House White"'s, it's a keeper. High value because of the "practically free" price.

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