Saturday, October 11, 2014

Review and Rating: **** $$ Cigale Shiraz, 2004, Barossa Valley, Australia = BEST VALUE

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Original Review, May, 2008: The Cigale Shiraz 2004 is rumored to be the shiraz component of the Parker 94-point, $50 Spinifex Shiraz/Viognier, though available at a much lower price point.

In the glass, it is a deep berry, muddy red. Aromas are quite berry-esque as well, reminiscent of creamy raspberries.

On the palate, the sensation is first of a fruity, full, sweet, berry-laden middle, moving to the sides of your mouth with an enveloping, thick, sweet-berry coating. Light tannins on the modest finish. This is almost reminiscent of California zin-based meritages, with spicy, sweet, raspberry

Three stars out of five. 


Updated Review, a year and a half later, February, 2010, now six years from vintage date:  still a new world, berry-based experience, but now a distinct tobacco element comes in on the palate, bringing a distinctive grown-up element.  Adds a plus to the three stars.

Updated Review, another four and a half years later, now 10 years from vintage date, October, 2014:  Still deep muddy red magenta, with no noticeable aging in the color.  Aromas are deep and veiny raspberries.  Furry deep raspberries coat your cheeks on the sip, with hints of tobacco, cinnamon, black pepper and black cherry cream.  Nice, full, still luscious.  Four stars and becomes a best value.  Great ager!

Find Cigale Shiraz pricing and availability

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