Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review and Rating: ***+ $ Thorpe 2004 Nymph Cabernet Sauvignon, McLaren Vale, Australia (BEST VALUE)

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Original Review, May, 2008: The Thorpe 2004 Nymph Cabernet Sauvignon is an incredibly inexpensive red from well-regarded McLaren Vale in Australia. The bottle itself is brilliant and beautiful.

In the glass, this is deep, ruby/burgundy red - almost opaque in the middle. Inky like Welch's red grape juice. Aroma right from the bottle is that red, rubber balloon smell - that kind of funkiness usually blows off after awhile. A bit of red currant behind it.

On the palate, a rich profusion of upfront flavors - deep, dark violets bouncing in a friendly way on your tongue. Touch of acid, touch of sugar, touch of tannin. Friendly balance. Not heavily layered. Could age awhile. Three stars out of five. Excellent value.

According to the retailer, "
From prime, low-yield McLaren Vale fruit, in the more moderate, ocean-influenced part of the valley, they're dark, lush, very rich and mouth-filling, but just perfectly balanced, velvety-smooth, wonderful wines."


After a full day of decanting, the funkiness blew off, and the balance of the wine really came together. Adding a plus to the three stars for that balance.


Updated Review, over two years later, July, 2010:  Color is consistent.  Now a round, deep, luscious black currant and black raspberry nose.  The palate is still a fun, perfumed, red-fruit tinged experience.  Think very ripe red raspberries. Held up well - consistent score.  Best value.

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