Sunday, May 6, 2012

Updated Review: **** $ Luis Felipe Edwards Sauvignon Blanc Reserva, 2007, Central Valley, Chile = BEST VALUE

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Original Review, June, 2008: The Luis Felipe Edwards Sauvignon Blanc Reserva from Chile is a "practically free", though well-regarded, sauvignon blanc. Let's make up our own mind...

In the glass, it is a clean, transparent, light honey, with slight lime accents in its coloring. Served chilled, the aromas are bold, crisp, crackling with minerally lemon. On the palate, there is a surprising glycerine smoothness as the first sensation. That is followed by a lightly puckering sweetness, that moves the light lemon around your palate. Very nice sensations - a cooling robe being draped upon you. The acids and sugars bring a nice, even, mellowing finish. I could definitely pick up warm fruits, not much of the mineral "glide" you'll sometimes find with sauvignon blanc.

I do believe I would stay with this as my white wine for an afternoon, so that gives it four full stars. That's a screaming value at its crazy-low price.

I don't see other professional ratings for this, though Gary Vaynerchuk awarded it the number three position in the whole world in his 101 Wines book. Among white wines, I'm not feeling quite that level of enthusiasm (for instance, I've liked a number of white wines at this four star level). But, for its price, The Luis Felipe Edwards is definitely one of the best values in the world of wine.

Updated Review, two years later, May, 2010:  Now this is pure honey colored in the glass.  For the aroma, think lemon butterscotch, with little hints of cut grass thrown in.  Still a nice, bright glycerine body to the sip, with bright tropical fruit mixing with a touch of butterscotch and just enough acids to keep everything aloft.  Still brilliant, though not necessarily improved from its youthful beam.

Updated review, another two years later,  May, 2012:  Deep honey and yellow in the glass.  Aromas are soft butterscotch and grass.  Splendidly balanced between sweet fruit, glycerin sleekness and layered fruit.  An easy four stars still, and remarkable at five years from vintage date! Following a full day decant: Deep funky hay on the nose. Funky and soft on palate.

Find Luis Felipe Edwards Sauvignon Blanc Reserva prices and retail availability.

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