Thursday, July 3, 2008

Review and Rating: **** Chez Ray M5 Las Brisas Merlot, 2005, Carneros, Sonoma County CA

Review: This is a newer vintage Chez Ray wine, vinted from Brehm frozen grapes from Sonoma county. This pure-breed merlot was first sampled here and its making was described here.

Let's see what it brings to the table: In the glass, it is a deep magenta with dark purple tinged highlights. The aromas is beefy, sweet, fruity, oaky, chocolate and slightly dark - a nice combo! On the palate, the first note is an extracted, lightly acidic plum, pushed along by the deeper cocoa notes. Finish seems to fade, but comes back on a substantive rebound. I do believe this could use another 2 years of age; still, I would stay with it for an entire tasting - thus four stars out of five.

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