Saturday, October 11, 2008

***+ $ Rancho Zabaco Dancing Bull Zinfandel, 2003, CA - Review and Rating

Original Review August, 2008: This is the "entry level" Rancho Zabaco Zinfandel - not the zin that introduced me to the well-known Rancho Zabaco line; still, the Dancing Bull is one that I've been meaning to try for awhile. I've let this one age a couple years longer than one would generally see.

In the glass, it sports a deep, dark-red color. Nose is fruity red with a black charcoal tone. On the palate, a pitched sweet red cherry front is the first note. That is followed by a sweet, charred, layered middle and a moderately long, but somewhat alcoholic finish, showing every bit of the 13.9% alcohol. I'll award three stars, mostly for its bold presence. I don't see that further age would help or hurt it.

The 10 Dollar Wine blog certainly thought highly of Rancho Zabaco, putting it among the top picks in its $10 price range.

Updated October, 2008: I gave it a bit of a decant this time. The upfront brightness settled down. What a solid, full, lengthy delight. I'll add a plus for roundness.

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