Sunday, November 30, 2008

*** $ Copperidge White Zinfandel, CA - Review and Rating

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 Review: We're continuing in the "take one for the team" tradition, providing critical reviews of white zinfandels, some of the most widely-poured, inexpensive, least "serious" wines in the world.

Here we have the Copperidge White Zinfandel, from the Copperidge Winery, part of the E. & J. Gallo Winery complex. Copperidge makes one of the most widely-served chardonnays in the United States. It fared quite well in an earlier Spirit of Wine tasting, earning three stars and becoming a best value pick because of its corresponding low price.

Let's see how well the white zinfandel fares from Copperidge. In the glass, the Copperidge White Zinfandel shows as a very light pinkish brick.

At basement temperature, the aromas are of ripe vegetables - more or less like you tucked your nose into the inside of a pea pod, then added a touch of marshmallow. A bit funky, though not at all unpleasant.

On the palate, the ripe marshmallow ride continues, bringing a full sweetness to the middle of your palate, now touched with ripe melon as well. You detect just a light acidic touch to the brief, sweet finish.

Sadly, at refrigerator temperatures, most of the interesting aromatics and palate fade entirely away. But I will award three stars out of five because - at basement temperatures - the wine shows both easy accessibility along with some notable character. And, I must say, character is not something I anticipated in any white zinfandel.

Once again, Copperidge hits the mark with a value-driven, practically-free wine.

According to the winemaker, "Lots of summer fruit including strawberry and raspberry aromas. Light bodied, fruity, fresh and delicious. Crisp finish." OK, fair enough. I actually think it's a bit more interesting than that, though.

Find today's pricing and retail availability for Cooperidge White Zinfandel.

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